Well, nothing comes to mind now but I wanna share with you slightly my thoughts. As a child, I've always been fascinated by Pablo Picasso's work. By the age of ten, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to paint and sell my work. Unfortunately back then I didn't understand the concept of art and what to paint. I was very good at drawing cartoons and I was also good with shading. So what I've aspired to do, "painting", was something totally different from what I could do then... To cut the story short, surely I would have not reached or matched Pablo's standard, irrespective of whether I had resources or not. As a result, I had to wait patiently in my lane, I allowed photography to find me, I did not do something just because I saw someone doing it and thought I could do it better. It turned out that my signature is what touched peoples hearts, it opened so many doors and opportunities... For me photography is a communication tool that I use to express my inner soul, it could be my vulnerabilities or my aspirations, it is a tool that allows me to paint a clear picture about my life, my goals, and ambitions...

Sphiwe Giba creates a hub dedicated to Tsakane's alt scene

Sphiwe Giba started Wolf & Co in 2005 as a pop up in the East Rand, focusing on fashion, jazz and food and wine. Since then, his once idea has grown into a physical space and movement in Tsakane. “In 2016 I started with construction of Wolf and Co Cafe, and we now have a home in Tsakane where people can come for coffee, listen to live music and be part of an alt scene on the outskirts of the city, where you’d mainly find places such as these.”
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